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US citizens,

A number of Internet radio stations are no longer broadcasting, as the
RIAA has successfully killed them off.

See https://www.eff.org/Internet-Radio-Fairness-Act-Explanation 
and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Radio_Equality_Act

In 2002 the Internet Radio Fairness Act was introduced to the U.S.
congress.  If passed, this bill would allow stations to return to the
air.  Please send a fax to your representatives asking them to support
the Internet Radio Fairness Act. It will only take 3 minutes to fill
out the form at http://www.voiceofwebcasters.org/smallwebfax.htm

We would also like you to call your representatives at their offices
and ask them to support the Internet Radio Fairness Act as well.  We
need to bombard them with requests.  Call them at their offices.  

Call them once a week.  Tell your friends to do the same thing.

You can still help change the laws that have forced stations off the

If the laws are changed, a number of stations can return to the air.

With CARP royalties of $500 a DAY, many radio stations on the Internet
cannot continue broadcasting.

Don't listen to the RIAA press release that says most small webcasters
will only pay the minimum $500 a year.  Any station with more than an
average of 5 concurrent listeners will be paying more than that

Below is the suggested letter:

Your Name
Street Address
City, State

Representative/Senator [name]
US Congress
Washington DC

Dear Representative/Senator [name filled in]:

I am writing you to express my strong request that you support
immediate legislative relief to save Internet radio and the role it
plays in promoting artists and their music on the Internet. I listen
to Internet radio and I want to see the current diversity of
programming provided by Internet radio preserved.

This would protect a large number of Internet radio stations from
being forced out of business by unfair and unaffordable performance
copyright royalties. Please act immediately in seeing that this effort
is carried through the House and Senate and made law before it is too
late to save Internet radio. Immediate action is required.

We want you to understand that this legislative action does not seek
to eliminate royalties paid to artists by Internet radio stations. It
only attempts to ensure that fair and reasonable royalty rates are set
to allow Internet radio stations to survive and continue to develop
their nascent industry. In supporting this legislative action, you
will be ensuring that artists will receive fair compensation from
these stations and retain this valuable resource to promote their

We need your help to ensure that this action is passed by the US House
of Representatives and joined by similar action in the US Senate.

Please act now, there isn't much time left to save Internet radio.

Your Name